Ecas4-Anolyte - Environmentally friendly systems for the potabilisation, disinfection and bacteriological sanitisation of water

Ecas4 has undertaken trials in the poultry industry over the last year. This has included the addition of Ecas4 to broiler chicken poultry sheds for the purpose of improving drinking water, and fogging of Ecas4 to improve shed sanitary conditions.

Whilst the trials are still continuing, we have seen a favourable trend improvement in feed conversion and mortality. We have also had independent testing of the drinking water quality, and gut health of the broiler chicken performed with positive results.

In the latter half of 2016 we are starting a trial with the University of Adelaide and the Pork Industry through a Pork CRC grant looking at the effects of fogging Ecas4 on young piglets in lieu of current more harsh treatments.

We are also using Ecas4 as a fog in greenhouses to achieve good outcomes in flower production. This has assisted in better root growth and less mould/spores throughout the facility and hence a much better end result in the quality of the plant.