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Australian Certified Organic

The Ecas4-Anolyte has now been approved by Australian Certified Organic as a BFA Registered Product making it suitable for use in the organic food industry.

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Case Study #3: How to effectively remove pathogens from the water network

In October 2013, the Technical Manager (TM) of Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord, a cluster of three hospitals in the province of Pesaro, contacted the group of Electrochemistry of the University of Ferrara (Italy). The TM wrote on behalf of his company, asking for an opinion on the so-called “anti-Legionella” systems.

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How hygienically safe are your hotel rooms?

Hotels and accommodation facilities, in general, seek to offer their guests a clean, safe and pleasant environment. Very often, however, some residual dust or grime accumulates in the most hidden places, along with the bad smells of smoke or moulds, and can bring customers to have an unpleasant experience, which casts immediate discredit to the image of the entire facility.

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