<h6>Technology</h6><h1 style="color: #00b1bf;"><span class="slider-header-bold" style="color: #00b1bf;">The Ecas4 WDS</span> - Safe, ecological, water sanitisation and surface disinfection systems</h1>
<p class="intro-para">Our patented technology produces a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, electro‑chemically active, metastable disinfectant without the use of toxic chemicals.</p> <p>Ecas4-Anolyte production is entirely automatised by means of an electrolytic procedure. The Ecas4 apparatus is based on the Membrane Electrolytic Reactor system with four chambers.</p> <p>The Ecas4 Water Disinfection System (WDS) fully complies with European legislation, including DVGW requirements and are currently installed and in use at a number of facilities in Europe.</p> <h3>Models:</h3> <h5 style="padding-bottom: 0;">WDS40</h5> <p>40 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte</p> <h5 style="padding-bottom: 0;">WDS80</h5> <p>80 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte</p><h5 style="padding-bottom: 0;">WDS160</h5> <p>160 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte</p><h5 style="padding-bottom: 0;">WDS500</h5> <p>500 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte</p>
<h1 style="color: #00b1bf;">Worldwide Patented Four Chamber Cell System</h1><p class="intro-para">The Ecas4-Anolyte solution has a high redox power and is genuinely pH neutral and non‑corroding due to our unique patented 4-chamber system.</p> <p>The Ecas4 apparatus is based on the Membrane Electrolytic Reactor system with four chambers (Patents - PCT/IT 2006 000 829 and PCT/EP 2009 065 077). The reactor features allow the typical synthesis of a neutral Anolyte (with a pH close to 7) characterized by an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of about 850-900 mV, a chloride content of around 0.35% and an active chlorine content of about 350 mg/l.</p>
<h1 style="text-align: center;">The Ecas4 technological advantage</h1>
<ul class="plus-bullet-white"> <li>Ecas4-Anolyte is pH neutral and is therefore non-corrosive</li> <li>Using Ecas4 avoids the need to prepare and store dangerous chemicals</li> <li>'Instantaneous & 'residual' effects</li> <li>Removes existing biofilm from hot water mains pipes</li> <li>Approved bactericidal activity according to EN1276 and EN3697 of minimum log 5</li><li>Environmentally friendly and non-toxic</li> </ul>
<ul class="plus-bullet-white"> <li>Improvement of COD, BOD and AOX values in wastewater derived by disinfection with Ecas4-Anolyte</li> <li>Fully complies with European legislation, including DVGW requirement (DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)</li> <li>Costs savings as thermal-shock treatment of pipes is not required</li> <li>Labour savings in industrial surface and machinery disinfection</li> </ul>
<ul class="plus-bullet-white"> <li>No chemical purchases are required</li> <li>No special safety equipment or protocols required as Ecas4 is non-toxic</li> <li>Customised design – water treatment systems can be individually designed according to client requirements</li> <li>Remote control capability – once installed within new or existing water networks, the Ecas4 water treatment system can be remotely controlled</li> <li>Water treated remains potable</li> </ul>
<h1 style="color: #00b1bf; text-align: center;">How Ecas4-Anolyte compares to other purification and disinfection systems</h1><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p class="intro-para-center">The Ecas4-Anolyte disinfection system measures and injects a minimal dose of Ecas4-Anolyte disinfecting agent into the water pipes. Suitable for hot, warm and cold water.</p>