<h6>Commercial</h6><h1 style="color: #00b1bf;"><span class="slider-header-bold" style="color: #00b1bf;">Ecas4-Anolyte</span> - Safe and clean water for commercial and industrial applications </h1>
<p class="intro-para">Water quality in any facility is critical to human health. The addition of Ecas4 to any water supply in a commercial or industrial application can ensure safe and clean water for the building and its tenants.</p><p>Ecas4 can be applied to ring mains, hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, swimming pools, ice machines, drinking fountains and any application where water is in use. The application can be for industrial or commercial buildings, gymnasiums, units and apartments, restaurants/cafes, high rises and any building with a running water supply.</p><p>The Ecas4 is applied into the water system with a dosing pump. Once the correct setting for the system is achieved, it can be monitored and verified through traditional water testing methods. As a rule, a very low % of Ecas4 is required to achieve a good outcome.</p>