The Ecas4® WDS
Safe, ecological, water sanitisation systems

The Ecas4® Water Disinfection System (WDS) enables the automatic and on-site production of Ecas-Anolyte, a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, metastable disinfectant.

The production of Ecas4-Anolyte is based on an electrolytic process, which exploits a Membrane Electrolytic Cell with four chambers.

The Ecas4® Water Disinfection System (WDS) fully complies with European legislation, including DVGW requirements and are currently installed and in use at a number of facilities in Europe.



40 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte


80 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte


160 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte


500 L/hr of Ecas4‑Anolyte

The Ecas4 technological advantage

  • Ecas4-Anolyte is pH neutral
  • Avoids the need to store dangerous chemicals
  • 'Instantaneous & 'residual' effects
  • Removes existing biofilm from water mains pipes
  • Approved bactericidal activity according to EN1276 and EN3697 of minimum log 5
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Fully complies with European legislation, including DVGW requirement (DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)
  • Costs savings as thermal-shock treatment of pipes is not required
  • Labour savings in industrial surface and machinery disinfection
  • No chemical purchases required
  • No special safety equipment or protocols required
  • Customised design – Systems can be individually designed according to client requirements
  • Remote control capability
  • Water treated remains potable

How Ecas4-Anolyte compares to other purification and disinfection systems

A minimal amount of Ecas4-Anolyte is injected into the water pipes - Suitable for warm & cold water.