Food Processing

An effective and natural approach that improves the environment and reduces food spoilage

Ecas4® technology challenges existing systems in the health and hygiene sector.

Ecas4-Anolyte is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and has a positive impact on our environment.

The Ecas4® technology allows the production of a hypochlorous acid solution, a natural disinfectant also synthesized by the mammalian immune system. Equipment and systems are easy to use, fully automated and can be monitored remotely.


The Ecas4-Anolyte solution finds application as a sanitiser in the food industry. It is suitable for food processing and organic and non-organic retail facilities.

Highly effective

The antimicrobial efficacy of Ecas4-Anolyte depends in part on highly reactive, short-lived (metastable) oxidative moieties.

Where a high organic load is likely, continuous delivery is required to maintain a high level of disinfection potential: thanks to the Ecas® system, the disinfectant can be synthesized where and when required.

Easy life

No more problems due to the storage and handling of dangerous chemicals; no waste due to deterioration of chemical products.

Remote control capability

The Ecas4® system can be monitored remotely.


The Ecas4® system can be designed according to customer needs.