eBooster™ – Australia's only WaterMark™ certified inline electrochemical system

A dual disinfection system

  1. The microorganisms originally present in the water are eliminated by the effect of the electrolytic treatment (electrocution / electroporation).
  2. Moreover, the salt chlorides present in the water are converted into active chlorine, allowing a disinfection activity that also extends outside the device (residual effect). In particular, eBooster™ is able to work with the normal levels of salt present in drinking water.
  • Cost effective – With no use of chemicals or any required periodical maintenance, eBooster™ can help significantly reduce operating costs.
  • No chemicals – Operational, health and safety risks are eliminated as there is no need to store, handle, transport or dispose dangerous chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly – Low energy consumption and the absence of chemicals make eBooster™ a sustainable disinfection solution.
  • Low maintenance – Compared to other disinfection methods, eBooster™ is self-cleaning and does not require maintenance; however, any measurement probes may require periodic validation.
  • Simple install – Ideally placed in a by-pass to minimise disruptions
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