A highly effective, non-toxic disinfectant

The Ecas4® system produces a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, metastable disinfectant.

A minimal dose of Ecas4-Anolyte is injected into the water pipelines to provide non-toxic disinfection without affecting the potability of the water.

Ecas4® systems ensure constant efficacy, quality and safety of water treatment

The unique design of the Ecas4® Electrolytic Cell with four chambers is patented.

Non-toxic & Non-corrosive

The automatic production of the Ecas4-Anolyte takes place on site through a patented electrolytic process that does not involve the use of toxic, harmful or dangerous substances.

The neutral pH of the product introduced into the water network prevents the activation of corrosive processes.

Does not alter potability conditions

The Ecas4-Anolyte disinfectant does not modify the potability of the treated water.

Cost Saving

The Ecas4® System can help significantly reduce energy costs.


Ecas4® water treatment systems can be designed according to customer needs.

Remote Control Capabilities

The Ecas4® water treatment system can be controlled remotely.

Ecas4 is a proud member of the
Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia