<h6>Food Processing</h6><h1 style="color: #00b1bf;"><span class="slider-header-bold" style="color: #00b1bf;">Ecas4-Anolyte</span> - An effective and natural approach to improving environmental health and reducing food spoilage</h1>
<p class="intro-para">Ecas4 technology challenges existing systems in the area of health and hygiene. </p> <p class="intro-para">The Ecas4 system is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and has a positive impact on our environment.</p> <p class="intro-para last-para">The Ecas4 reactor technology produces superior anti-bacterial properties similar to the human natural defence mechanism that our immune system relies upon. Our equipment and systems are easy to work with, fully automated and able to be remotely monitored.</p><h3>Non-toxic</h3> <p>The Ecas4-Anolyte solution is applied as sanitiser in the food industry. The application process is suitable for food processing and retail facilities for organic or non-organic surfaces.</p><h3>Highly effective</h3> <p>The antimicrobial efficacy of the Ecas4-anolyte is partially dependent on ‘non-specific’ short living (metastable), highly reactive oxidative moieties.</p><p>These components are able to react with any organic compound present within the environment.</p> <p>Where a high organic load is likely, a continuous delivery is required to maintain a high level of disinfection potential: thanks to the Ecas4 system, the disinfectant can be synthesized where and when required.</p><h3>Easy life</h3> <p>No more problems due to storage and handling of hazardous chemicals; no waste due to the deterioration of chemical products.</p><h3>Remote control capability</h3> <p>Once installed within new or existing systems, the Ecas4 treatment device can be remotely monitored.</p><h3>Customised</h3> <p>The Ecas4 system can be individually designed according to client requirements.</p>